Thursday, July 31, 2014

Love is in the air (Heart Crochet)

Ending my month of July with love and happiness. Let's make everyday a valentine's day! Let's crochet cute hearts. I found this pattern on YouTube which is perfect for beginners. Very simple and magical. It took me a few minutes to  make one. This is one of the cutest projects I've made. It melts my heart. <3 <3

Love is a wonderful feeling to experience. Everything is so perfect. (Oh anyway, I'm literally smiling while typing  this part.) I'm in love in everything I do. Of course, crochet is one of the reasons. And I'm glad to learn and share it. Everyday is my learning experience. I'm so grateful that I'm blessed with this kind of talent. And since I'm in love I think heart will be perfect! :)

To crochet these hearts, you will be needing:
Yarn needle 

1. Make magic ring. Double Crochet. Five treble crochet. Four double crochet.

2. Chain two. (Work on the same stitches) Four double crochet. Five treble crochet. 

3. And lastly, Double crochet. Slip stitch into the loop.

4. We are down to shaping the heart. Pull the tail tightly. Cut the strand of yarns. Use the yarn needle to wave the excess yarns. 

This pattern is available at YouTube.
Owned by: B.hooked Crochet. 
You can watch it HERE.

Out of this project, I made myself a simple bag accessories. And I'm planning to make a series of projects out of these simple heart crochets. I will blog it the soonest. For now let me share this lovely hearts. 

Thank you for reading.
Happy Crocheting!! 

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