Monday, September 22, 2014

Free Pattern: Puff Stitch Baby Beanie

Hello World. Hello Hookers. Happy Monday everyone!!
Another crochet project on your way. This is my second crochet beanie. And I made it as a gift for my sister's bear (stuffed toy). This is so easy because it is mostly made of one stitch: the puff stitch. Puff stitch is named because it gently puffs up into an oval shape. It is gorgeous. HERE is a video by Sheruknittingcom on how to make a puff stitch . This will be my second project using a puff stitch and it is really fun and I'm into it. Haha. 

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Before the puff stitch. I made a band for the beanie. I used a 3mm steel hook and color grey light weight cotton yarn. The band was made of a Half Double Crochet. 10 HDC in each row. Total number of rows is 62 rows. I think it will be perfect if you have a length that can be multiply by 2. This beanie size is good for at least 12 to 24 months old. You can check Anne Granger's blog post HERE that had a chart for head sizes that is useful in crocheting a beanie. 

Basic Crochet: 5 Petals Flower Embellishment

I'm obsessed in making flowers that I can use as an embellishment for my bigger projects. Giving a try for a larger type of 5 petals flower crochet. Another simple project that can be done for only a minutes. See how simple it is. Imagine you have 1 hour doing this, I bet you have tons of it. Haha. 

5 petals flower crochet, flower embellishment, flower crochet, crocheting flowers for embellishement

Let's begin. I used a 1.5mm basic steel hook and thread yarn. Make a magic ring and Chain two. 
5 petals flower crochet, flower embellishment, flower crochet, crocheting flowers for embellishement

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Basic Crochet: Flower Hair Clip

This is a continuation for my Tiny Flower Crochet.  Do you want to receive a compliments? Sure we all do but how to receive it? If your hair is done properly and wear a pretty hair accessories, you can never be wrong.

So I thought this would be cute and perfect for a hair clip. You can crochet for your children and even for yourself. Whether you have a short or long hair, these crochet clips will keep you looking fabulously. Cute accessories always help out your outfit and will always make your day!

I think girls will fall in love with these crochets..

Flower crochet, hair clip flower crochet, hair accessory crochet, crochet hair clip, flower hair clip

The tiny flower crochet pattern is HERE

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Basic Crochet: Tiny Cutie Flowers

How are you today? Happy? In love? Inspired? Feeling empty? Brokenhearted? Stuffed? Excited? Lucky? Fantastic?Just wanna make your mood extra sweet today... Sharing my cutie patootie flower crochet! 

crochet flower, 5 petals flower, crochet, basic flower crochet, tiny crochet flower, flower embellishment, flower decor

So I'm back for another flower party. I know this is usual and basic but I still wanna share it. Look at those cutie flowers, it really melt my heart. Isn't lovely? I wanna stare at them all throughout the day, literally. Haha. I love them, I love what I'm doing. I love crochet so much. 

So let's start...

The flower size is about an inch, had a five petals and a small hole in the middle. I used a thread yarn and 1.5 mm steel hook. Actually you can use your excess yarns to prevent wasting or throwing it. 

Steps as follow:

1. Make the circle of the flower by making a magic ring. Chain 1. 9 single crochet in the ring. And slip stitch to the chain 1 to join the circle.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Free Pattern: Lace Scallop Crochet Bracelet

Another bracelet is on your way. This is another scallop crochet series. As always, a simple project to share. Fashion is one way to express your feelings too. You can express it by wearing accessories that can suit your mood. 

I'm in love in decorating, makeup, accessories and crochet. The feeling is always priceless. It makes me in fall in love over and over again. 

Made three colors: Black, lavender and yellow. 

lace scallop bracelet. lace scallop crochet bracelet. Crochet bracelet. Crochet scallop. Scallop bracelet

I used a thread yarn and 1.5 mm steel hook. 

DC- Double Crochet
CH- Chain

Steps with pictures:
1. Make your first scallop by making CH of (4). (7) DC in the 4th stitch away from the hook. CH (3). Slip stitch in the same stitch. 
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