Saturday, June 21, 2014

Phone Case Crochet III

I made this simple phone case for about 2 and half hours.

Chain 38 stitches(Depend on your phone). Join the chain by slip stitch and make a single crochet for the whole row until you have the enough height that can fit the phone. You can also spice the project by adding up different color of yarns and embroider flowers (this design is not mine, I really love it). For the last row, Single crochet and 3 Double crochet for all the stitches.

Very simple yet so fabulous! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

FREE PATTERN: Basic Granny Square

Granny square is something most beginners can learn quickly. . Out of this square, you can make lot of things like blankets, glass and plate mats, handy bags, pillow case and other. Just remember: More creativity more fun!

I am sharing this pattern to help and inspire those who are just starting in crochet like me. I basically learn crochet by watching you tube and reading blogs. Practice will also makes it perfect. And one more, crocheting is quite addictive. Now it is one of my guilty pleasure. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Headband Or Necklace

I wanna start my week with a fashionably crochet project. I made it last monday. It took me about two hours to finished it. As you can observe I'm into fashion projects. Crocheting is my comfort zone. I feel happiness and accomplishment every time I make one. I'm currently in my second month in this craft. I am really enjoying it and I love to see myself doing more in the future. 

Anyway.. Here's my headband project. For more fun, it can also be a necklace. Your choice. 


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