Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Headband Or Necklace

I wanna start my week with a fashionably crochet project. I made it last monday. It took me about two hours to finished it. As you can observe I'm into fashion projects. Crocheting is my comfort zone. I feel happiness and accomplishment every time I make one. I'm currently in my second month in this craft. I am really enjoying it and I love to see myself doing more in the future. 

Anyway.. Here's my headband project. For more fun, it can also be a necklace. Your choice. 


*Include scissor and candle/lighter for the strap (Cut and burn)*

CH- Chain stitch
SC-Single crochet
DC- Double crochet

How to make:

1. Make a knot. CH five.

2.DC in the first chain away from the hook.

3. Turn your work on the other side. CH 6.

4. SC into the forth chain away from the hook.  DC into the chain space.

5. CH three. SC into the two loops of DC.

6. DC into the space chain. Repeat 2 more time. (Step 5-6)

7. CH four. SC in the first CH in the foundation stitches. 

8. Turn counterclockwise. Chain 6. Repeat step 4-6

9. CH 4. SC into the DC of the previous row. 

10. Turn counterclockwise. Repeat the steps to make row. Repeat as many rows as you need for your project.

11. Once you have the enough rows. Design the lace with ribbon strap. And your finish!

How to use: Just be creative.

Thank you for reading!

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