Saturday, July 19, 2014

Free Pattern: Beaded Crochet Chain Bracelet

This is owned and design by: Sue Perez
The tutorial is HERE.
Check out her written pattern and a series of video tutorials.
You might wanna check her also at Ravelry: HERE

I used two yarns: Thread yarn and thick cotton yarn 
And I also used beads, yarn needle, buttons and scissors.

My experience in doing this project:

I watched the whole video tutorial and tried it out. This project used a forward loop chain. It was not easy to try forward loop for the first-time. Well, patience is always a virtue. Haha. And I love what I am doing. Then after several tries, I got it. I made a lot of different colors. And here's the twist, you can wear it plain as it is or the twisted way. How cool, isn't it? Sue Perez made the self yarn buttons as you can check on her tutorial but I made the traditional way, I sewed button for closure.

I love the sexy curves of the bracelets. 

Twisted look for an amazing color blending.

Sue Perez tutorial is very informative. You can easily follow the pattern. This is a perfect start to practice beading in crochet projects. Always measure the enough length that will fit your wrist. Be simple but sophisticated by adding arm colored bracelets on your daily get up. 

I made a few to give some to my sister. I know she'll love it much as I do. It is also perfect as a friendship bracelets that you wanna give to your BFF. Crafty projects is always fun. 

Try it by yourself. It is really nice and fabulous. 
Happy crocheting!!

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