Monday, July 7, 2014

Yummy Arm Bracelet (Crochet)

Hello Monday! 
Starting my week with these cuties and yummy bracelets. I so love the colors. 

I made the project last night. Thinking of sweat gummy bear candies. Haha! I used the puff stitch.
*Puff stitch is made up of several loops that connect at the top and bottom of the stitch. Many loops you use, the puffier it will look.*

Chain 54 stitches(Multiply by 2). Double crochet in the next stitch from the hook. 
*Puff stitch:Always skip one stitch each puff stitch. Yarn over. Insert the hook into stitch. Pull up the loop. Pull up a little to make even. Yarn over again. Insert into the same stitch. Pull up the loop and pull to everything even. (twice) Yarn over and pull through all the loops into the hook.* 
Chain one. Repeat the steps to make the puff stitch. 
For you last stitch: Make the double crochet.
Next row: Chain one. Turn your work. Double crochet in the first stitch. Then chain one. *Puff stitch: Work on the space in the first row. Just do the same step to make the puff stitch, and in every last stitch also Double crochet.
Repeat as many rows you wanted.

Add colorful button on the other end and VIOLA!! Yummy bracelet is ready to make you outfit more fab!

Thank you for reading... Love! Love! Love!     

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