Thursday, July 3, 2014

FREE PATTERN: Flower crochets

Hello everyone!!

Today I wanna share some of the free patterns I have seen online. Beautiful flower crochets that can be use in your projects.

I made one, I will use it in hair clip. Very simple and glamorous. You can add more colors. You can use it in headband crochet, bracelet, necklace, bags and even in afghans. I also like to use it as a design for my clothes. 

Here is the tutorial I've seen on youtube:

Here is the written pattern: Flower Crochet

And some free patterns you wanna check:
Flower Accent
Flower Garden Stitch Markers
Flower & Leafs
Cheerful Crochet Flower
Popcorn Stitch Flower
5-Petal Flower
Flower Crochet

You can also check free patterns:

Thank you for reading.

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