Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hand Bag Crochet

This is not my first attempt to make a bag. My other projects wasn't successful. Then finally, I saw this bag. I fell in love. I watched the video first, gathered materials and tried it up. You can check out this amazing tutorial HERE. In this project, you will use Chain stitch, double crochet and the brick stitch.

This is designed and owned by: bobwilson123
You can check out some of her other bag crochets HERE.
She have her YouTube tutorials and written patterns.

I used two strand of cotton yarn, hook, scissors and yarn needle. 

For my base:
Double crochet- 5 rows(Should be multiples by 2)
For the Brick stitch- 20 rows


Here is the brick stitch: 

I mixed up these beautiful vibrant colors. This is perfect for my niece. I'm so excited for her to have it. 

C'mon and try it also. Have fun.

Happy crocheting!

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