Monday, November 24, 2014

Basic Crochet: Bookmark Crochet

Y'all. Crocheting is one of the things that actually keep me somewhat busy. I'm way too excited about this project. I don't know but every time I finished a new project, the feeling can be magical or I guess I just love crochets. This weekend I was able to make a Mandela crochet bookmark. Bookmark is so perfect for a book hoarder. A unique and classy bookmark. Isn't cute? They're easy. I love the design and colors. I hope this bookmark can add enjoyment for your reading session. So let's start and make your own.

Book hoarder, crochet bookmarks, book markers, Mandela crochet, Mandela bookmark crochet

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FREE PATTERN: Butterfly Crochet

Waking up everyday is a gift. We are blessed to have and enjoy this splendid world. Appreciating every single things is dominant and I always see things beautiful in its own way. 
Sometimes it's nice to be like a butterfly. Enchanting, vibrant and free. God gives us enough strength to do what He wants us to do. Blossom like a butterfly

3d crochet, butterfly, Butterfly Crochet, crochet, flowers, hookers, nature,

I decided to make a butterfly crochet. I made it last night. And it is simple yet magical crochet. I made a picture and word tutorial.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Basic Crochet: Crochet Chain Bracelet

Hello hookers. I'm back on track. How's your November so far? Mine is doing great. After a long months of sorrow, aches and drama, well I know I'm back in shape and I'm happy and thankful. God made it this way for me to realize that I have a good and blessed life after all. 

Anyhow, I missed crocheting. Glad to share a simple and easy crochet project. As always, it is for styling and fashion. Rock on with this fabulous crochet chain bracelet. 

crochet bracelet, single crochet, chain bracelet, bracelet, hookers, crocheting a bracelet, stylist bracelet, yarn bracelet

crochet bracelet, single crochet, chain bracelet, bracelet, hookers, crocheting a bracelet, stylist bracelet, yarn bracelet

For the materials that I used; (1) plain chain bracelet, (2) yarns (green and lavender) and (3) 1.5 mm steel hook. You can use gold or silver chain bracelet and of course you can mix and match different yarn colors.  Mine is from forever 21. Bought it on sale for 10 dhs. Good deal huh!*haha* 
Who doesn't love sale? I guess everyone does. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Free Pattern: Cozy Bib Crochet Necklace

Crochet necklace, Bib necklace, Crocheting, Necklace, Free crochet pattern for necklace, Bib Necklace to love, I love necklace, Fashion crochet

My love for crochet knows no time. It helps me in my heart's healing process. And as my heart wants peace, I made something cute and it made my heart smiled. Last night, I went out for walking and found one crafty shop and bought new yarns. These yarns are actually knitting yarns as per label. The texture is so good and thick. I also got it for a good deal. It is made in Taiwan. 

Crochet, knitting, hooker, yarns, Free Pattern: Cozy Bib Crochet Necklace

Using color green and white yarns and my favorite 1.5mm steel hook, I made a simple bib necklace. Easy to make and follow. I  prepared a photo tutorial of it. My necklace has a 7 inches length and 2 inches for the width. 

Let's start:

Chain 42 stitches (40 + 2 = 42). Half double crochet in 3rd chain from the hook. Half double crochet for the next stitches. Chain 3.

Crochet necklace, Bib necklace, Crocheting, Necklace, Free crochet pattern for necklace, Bib Necklace to love, I love necklace, Fashion crochet

Monday, October 6, 2014

Basic Crochet: As I say goodbye

October is here. How time flies. 2014 is starting to say goodbye. Goodbye is never easy. In every goodbye, you always say hello to a brighter side, new hope, new life and a new year. Goodbye will always leave us a lesson that will make us to be braver and stronger . I wanna be brave to face goodbye to the bad things in my life and will give me a lesson that I will never forget. Trusting stranger and opening your life to them is not easy...but because of love you will learn to embrace it. But love will never be enough to trust anyone. You have to invest time. They will hurt you the least you expect it. They will trade you to somebody and dump you like nothing. Love is the most wonderful moment that will come your way and at the same time will tear you up pieces by pieces. In order to be whole and happy again you have to say goodbye to all the people who've hurt and leave you hanging. My heart is crying and bleeding but life must go on. Have faith in God. They maybe happy to where they are now but life is never always on top.
So now I'm saving my heart. I want peace, forgiveness and love. I wanna be complete and go on with my life without the people whom I knew was my strength.... 
I wanna be as colorful and cheerful like a flower that is blooming so perfectly beautiful. I wanna be back to who I really am. A cheerful and at peace person. Yes, they've hurt me but if that is the only way for them to be happy, let them be. I am saying goodbye and erasing them in my life..

Framed crochet, flower crochet, life must go on, goodbye, crocheting, love. trust, life, happy, crochet projects

Monday, September 22, 2014

Free Pattern: Puff Stitch Baby Beanie

Hello World. Hello Hookers. Happy Monday everyone!!
Another crochet project on your way. This is my second crochet beanie. And I made it as a gift for my sister's bear (stuffed toy). This is so easy because it is mostly made of one stitch: the puff stitch. Puff stitch is named because it gently puffs up into an oval shape. It is gorgeous. HERE is a video by Sheruknittingcom on how to make a puff stitch . This will be my second project using a puff stitch and it is really fun and I'm into it. Haha. 

Puff stitch for beanie, baby beanie crochet, crochet hat, puff stitch beanie, beanies, baby, crochet

Before the puff stitch. I made a band for the beanie. I used a 3mm steel hook and color grey light weight cotton yarn. The band was made of a Half Double Crochet. 10 HDC in each row. Total number of rows is 62 rows. I think it will be perfect if you have a length that can be multiply by 2. This beanie size is good for at least 12 to 24 months old. You can check Anne Granger's blog post HERE that had a chart for head sizes that is useful in crocheting a beanie. 

Basic Crochet: 5 Petals Flower Embellishment

I'm obsessed in making flowers that I can use as an embellishment for my bigger projects. Giving a try for a larger type of 5 petals flower crochet. Another simple project that can be done for only a minutes. See how simple it is. Imagine you have 1 hour doing this, I bet you have tons of it. Haha. 

5 petals flower crochet, flower embellishment, flower crochet, crocheting flowers for embellishement

Let's begin. I used a 1.5mm basic steel hook and thread yarn. Make a magic ring and Chain two. 
5 petals flower crochet, flower embellishment, flower crochet, crocheting flowers for embellishement

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Basic Crochet: Flower Hair Clip

This is a continuation for my Tiny Flower Crochet.  Do you want to receive a compliments? Sure we all do but how to receive it? If your hair is done properly and wear a pretty hair accessories, you can never be wrong.

So I thought this would be cute and perfect for a hair clip. You can crochet for your children and even for yourself. Whether you have a short or long hair, these crochet clips will keep you looking fabulously. Cute accessories always help out your outfit and will always make your day!

I think girls will fall in love with these crochets..

Flower crochet, hair clip flower crochet, hair accessory crochet, crochet hair clip, flower hair clip

The tiny flower crochet pattern is HERE

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Basic Crochet: Tiny Cutie Flowers

How are you today? Happy? In love? Inspired? Feeling empty? Brokenhearted? Stuffed? Excited? Lucky? Fantastic?Just wanna make your mood extra sweet today... Sharing my cutie patootie flower crochet! 

crochet flower, 5 petals flower, crochet, basic flower crochet, tiny crochet flower, flower embellishment, flower decor

So I'm back for another flower party. I know this is usual and basic but I still wanna share it. Look at those cutie flowers, it really melt my heart. Isn't lovely? I wanna stare at them all throughout the day, literally. Haha. I love them, I love what I'm doing. I love crochet so much. 

So let's start...

The flower size is about an inch, had a five petals and a small hole in the middle. I used a thread yarn and 1.5 mm steel hook. Actually you can use your excess yarns to prevent wasting or throwing it. 

Steps as follow:

1. Make the circle of the flower by making a magic ring. Chain 1. 9 single crochet in the ring. And slip stitch to the chain 1 to join the circle.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Free Pattern: Lace Scallop Crochet Bracelet

Another bracelet is on your way. This is another scallop crochet series. As always, a simple project to share. Fashion is one way to express your feelings too. You can express it by wearing accessories that can suit your mood. 

I'm in love in decorating, makeup, accessories and crochet. The feeling is always priceless. It makes me in fall in love over and over again. 

Made three colors: Black, lavender and yellow. 

lace scallop bracelet. lace scallop crochet bracelet. Crochet bracelet. Crochet scallop. Scallop bracelet

I used a thread yarn and 1.5 mm steel hook. 

DC- Double Crochet
CH- Chain

Steps with pictures:
1. Make your first scallop by making CH of (4). (7) DC in the 4th stitch away from the hook. CH (3). Slip stitch in the same stitch. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Crochet Pendants

Almost weekend hookers. I've been crocheting almost three-four months from now and been doing simple projects that every beginners can do. I am happy that every time I crochet I notice that I'm improving. Hopefully, I can do bigger projects in the future. I still need more time, learn and experience. But so far, I'm happy and blessed to be a hooker/crocheter. 

Today, I'm sharing my weekend project, the half moon crochet pendants. It is quite small, size is about 2 and 1/2 inches. Pretty cute, isn't it? Strap it on by using silver or gold chain lace or your choice. And experiment on colors. Don't forget to add more colors to look more fabulous. I made two sets of pendants. Hope you all like it. 

Combination of dark blue and a metallic black:
crochet Half moon pendant, half moon necklace, crochet pendant

Crochet half moon necklace, crochet necklace

Combination of green, peach and metallic red:
Crochet half moon necklace, crochet necklace

Crochet half moon pendant, crochet necklace

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Free Pattern: Lovely Flower Crochet

I know, I've been crocheting flowers a lot. I can't help it. They are so cute and pretty. I can't stop myself. It gives me happiness. You can see this pattern all over the net and YouTube. Just made a picture pattern to help beginners like me. I know it's a big help. This project is so easy and not a time consuming. More colors, the more you'll fall in love. You can use it as a accent to your bigger projects or plain as it is. 

O well, they are really lovely. So so so looovely!

crochet flower, crochet flower accent, flower for embellishment, crochet embellishments

crochet flower, crochet flower accent, flower for embellishment, crochet embellishments


Thursday, August 21, 2014

FREE PATTERN: Scallop Bracelet

Hello everyone!!!
Sorry. I've been so busy lately that I don't have time to crochet. I missed crocheting. I feel bad. Anyway, last night I made a simple scallop bracelet. So simple and I know everyone can make it. You can play around with colors and sizes. Mine was made of thread and a tulip steel hook size 1.5 mm. I made two colors; yellow and green. 

Crochet scallop bracelet, scallop crochet, crochet bracelet, scallop pattern, crochet scallop bracelet pattern

Crochet scallop bracelet, scallop crochet, crochet bracelet, scallop pattern, crochet scallop bracelet pattern

Sharing it with love. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Glass Cover Crochet

Chocolate is one of my happiness. I'm kinda Nutella lover. I usually used it as a glass. Since I don't have a makeup brush holder, I decided to used it. I don't want it to look dull and boring so I made a cover for it. Now, it looks so classy! I'm happy with the result. 

My last project was about scallop crochet. This one have similarities. As you can see, it has three rows that is similar as a scallop crochet. But this project had a little twist. I just design it by myself. It is so simple but fab. Wanna try it too? 


Monday, August 4, 2014

Scallop Crochet: Headband Of The Day

Hello crocheters!! My first blog for this month is about scallop crochet. August time, new month, let's welcome with a fresh aura. Sharing a refreshing blue scallop headband crochet. It is wearable and easy to make. If you know the scallop crochet pattern then it will be so easy for you to follow how I made it. 

Scallop crochet is also perfect in edging and in other projects. You can always be creative. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Love is in the air (Heart Crochet)

Ending my month of July with love and happiness. Let's make everyday a valentine's day! Let's crochet cute hearts. I found this pattern on YouTube which is perfect for beginners. Very simple and magical. It took me a few minutes to  make one. This is one of the cutest projects I've made. It melts my heart. <3 <3

Love is a wonderful feeling to experience. Everything is so perfect. (Oh anyway, I'm literally smiling while typing  this part.) I'm in love in everything I do. Of course, crochet is one of the reasons. And I'm glad to learn and share it. Everyday is my learning experience. I'm so grateful that I'm blessed with this kind of talent. And since I'm in love I think heart will be perfect! :)

To crochet these hearts, you will be needing:
Yarn needle 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Pattern: Crochet Bib Necklace

While thinking of what to crochet next, I remember a month ago I wanted to have my own crochet bib necklace. Actually I already tried it before but maybe because I am still learning to crochet it was not easy for me. So I tried it once again. Obviously I'm into jewelry crochets and ruffles so this necklace is so perfect for me. I used mustard color for my cotton yarn and 3mm hook. I find it easy to mix and match on clothes but still planning to crochet other colors.

This bib necklace has 3 layers. First layer: 33 chain stitches, second: 29 chain stitches and third: 25 chain stitches. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ribbon/ Bow Crochet Part II

Ribbon/Bow to spice up your hairstyle. Here's an easy crochet project to try.

Yarn Neddle
Hair Clip

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hand Bag Crochet

This is not my first attempt to make a bag. My other projects wasn't successful. Then finally, I saw this bag. I fell in love. I watched the video first, gathered materials and tried it up. You can check out this amazing tutorial HERE. In this project, you will use Chain stitch, double crochet and the brick stitch.

This is designed and owned by: bobwilson123
You can check out some of her other bag crochets HERE.
She have her YouTube tutorials and written patterns.

I used two strand of cotton yarn, hook, scissors and yarn needle. 

For my base:
Double crochet- 5 rows(Should be multiples by 2)
For the Brick stitch- 20 rows

Monday, July 7, 2014

Yummy Arm Bracelet (Crochet)

Hello Monday! 
Starting my week with these cuties and yummy bracelets. I so love the colors. 

I made the project last night. Thinking of sweat gummy bear candies. Haha! I used the puff stitch.
*Puff stitch is made up of several loops that connect at the top and bottom of the stitch. Many loops you use, the puffier it will look.*

Thursday, July 3, 2014

FREE PATTERN: Flower crochets

Hello everyone!!

Today I wanna share some of the free patterns I have seen online. Beautiful flower crochets that can be use in your projects.

I made one, I will use it in hair clip. Very simple and glamorous. You can add more colors. You can use it in headband crochet, bracelet, necklace, bags and even in afghans. I also like to use it as a design for my clothes. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Phone Case Crochet III

I made this simple phone case for about 2 and half hours.

Chain 38 stitches(Depend on your phone). Join the chain by slip stitch and make a single crochet for the whole row until you have the enough height that can fit the phone. You can also spice the project by adding up different color of yarns and embroider flowers (this design is not mine, I really love it). For the last row, Single crochet and 3 Double crochet for all the stitches.

Very simple yet so fabulous! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

FREE PATTERN: Basic Granny Square

Granny square is something most beginners can learn quickly. . Out of this square, you can make lot of things like blankets, glass and plate mats, handy bags, pillow case and other. Just remember: More creativity more fun!

I am sharing this pattern to help and inspire those who are just starting in crochet like me. I basically learn crochet by watching you tube and reading blogs. Practice will also makes it perfect. And one more, crocheting is quite addictive. Now it is one of my guilty pleasure. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Headband Or Necklace

I wanna start my week with a fashionably crochet project. I made it last monday. It took me about two hours to finished it. As you can observe I'm into fashion projects. Crocheting is my comfort zone. I feel happiness and accomplishment every time I make one. I'm currently in my second month in this craft. I am really enjoying it and I love to see myself doing more in the future. 

Anyway.. Here's my headband project. For more fun, it can also be a necklace. Your choice. 


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Phone Case Crochet II

Made my second design of crochet case.

Very simple to do.

Chain 32(Depend on the length of your mobile). Slip stitch from the last chain to the first chain to form a circle/ring. Half double crochet the first and the rest of the rows until you reach your desire height. Slip stitch the last row to tighten the stitches. Add some twist by changing the colors of the yarn. (Any colors as you wish). To finish the project, embroider flower design using tapestry needle (I was inspired to a friend's Facebook group member who made the flower embroidery design). 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Phone Case Crochet

Hello Thursday!

Why buying expensive phone case if you can make your own. Made my very first phone case crochet for my sister.

Tapestry needle

CH- Chain stitch
HDC-Half double crochet

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My love for Ribbons/Bows. (Part I)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Who will not fall in love with cute ribbons/bows? 
Because I am too attached with bows, I'm so happy, I finally made my own. I am also sharing my happiness with you. It is very simple yet a beautiful project.

Sewing needle
Tapestry needle
Lace/Ribbon strap
Hair clip

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Flower Crochet Necklace

Happy Saturday everyone.

I finished my second crochet project. My very own flower necklace. I combined colors of peach, green and black. This is not just a plain necklace, it can also be use as a headband. More creativity more fun.

Out of simple flower crochet, I come up with this cute and girly necklace. I will share how did I made it. I hope it can help. Thank you. Enjoy! :)


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Basic Flower Crochet Bracelet

Hi everyone! 

I will share how did I made my personalized crochet bracelet. Basic and simple to do. Even beginners can do it easily. You can give it as a friendship bracelet, a gift for your mother, sister or a present for yourself. Hope you can follow and do your own. Hope you enjoy. :)

You will be needing:

1. Yarn
2. Crochet hook
3. Scissors
4. Ribbon
5. Lighter or candle

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