Thursday, May 15, 2014

Basic Flower Crochet Bracelet

Hi everyone! 

I will share how did I made my personalized crochet bracelet. Basic and simple to do. Even beginners can do it easily. You can give it as a friendship bracelet, a gift for your mother, sister or a present for yourself. Hope you can follow and do your own. Hope you enjoy. :)

You will be needing:

1. Yarn
2. Crochet hook
3. Scissors
4. Ribbon
5. Lighter or candle

Yarn and hook are the major stuff you need in crocheting. You can use any color as you wish. I chose my favorite color, green. Scissors is use to cut yarn once bracelet is finish and also use to cut for ribbon. I use satin ribbon to serve as a lock for my bracelet. Of course, you can also use any color as you wish. To avoid rip off of the satin ribbon, I burned the end part of it. Just be careful in burning the ribbon. And viola!! You have your own bracelet!

This is the steps that you can follow:

For the ring of the flower:

1. Form a slip knot.
This is the first step in crochet projects.

2. Make three (3) chain stitches.
Series of looped stitches.

3. Make a ring by making a double crochet through the third chain away from the hook.
Yarn over hook. Insert hook in the stitch to be worked. Yarn over hook. Pull yarn through the stitch. Yarn over hook. Pull yarn through 2 loops on hook. Yarn over and pull yarn through last 2 loops.

4. Make one (1) chain stitch.

5. Single crochet into the ring.
Insert your hook into the ring. Yarn over. Pull yarn through the loops.

For the petals:

6. Make two (2) chain stitches.

7. Make two (2) double crochet together.
Begin the first double crochet. Work it until you have the two loops on the hook. Then begin the second double. Work until you have three loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through 3 loops. 

8. Chain two (2) stitches.

9. Single crochet into the ring.

Repeat steps from 6 - 9 from the remaining petals.

For the last petal: Step 9: Make a slip stitch through the first single crochet of the first petal. 

For the next flowers:

10. Make four (4) chain stitches.

11. To make the foundation of the ring, chain two (2) stitches. 

12. Double crochet through the third chain away from the hook.

13. Make one chain stitch.

14. Single crochet into the ring.

Follow steps 6-9 until you finish your desired length for the bracelet.

For the ribbon:

15. Cut ribbon with enough length. 

16. Insert it in the ring at the end of the flowers. 

17. Lastly slightly burn the last part of the ribbon.

Thank you for reading! 

--Gem M


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