Monday, October 6, 2014

Basic Crochet: As I say goodbye

October is here. How time flies. 2014 is starting to say goodbye. Goodbye is never easy. In every goodbye, you always say hello to a brighter side, new hope, new life and a new year. Goodbye will always leave us a lesson that will make us to be braver and stronger . I wanna be brave to face goodbye to the bad things in my life and will give me a lesson that I will never forget. Trusting stranger and opening your life to them is not easy...but because of love you will learn to embrace it. But love will never be enough to trust anyone. You have to invest time. They will hurt you the least you expect it. They will trade you to somebody and dump you like nothing. Love is the most wonderful moment that will come your way and at the same time will tear you up pieces by pieces. In order to be whole and happy again you have to say goodbye to all the people who've hurt and leave you hanging. My heart is crying and bleeding but life must go on. Have faith in God. They maybe happy to where they are now but life is never always on top.
So now I'm saving my heart. I want peace, forgiveness and love. I wanna be complete and go on with my life without the people whom I knew was my strength.... 
I wanna be as colorful and cheerful like a flower that is blooming so perfectly beautiful. I wanna be back to who I really am. A cheerful and at peace person. Yes, they've hurt me but if that is the only way for them to be happy, let them be. I am saying goodbye and erasing them in my life..

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Anyhoo, I went to Ikea and bought a picture frame. The price is a good deal. 2 pieces for only 9AED (About 3dollars). It is made of a wooden frame and thick clear plastic cover. 

This idea is originally from The Green Dragonfly. Direct link is HERE.
Crochet butterfly pattern is HERE.
Crochet flower tutorial is HERE

You can find more flower crochets HERE.

One of my comfort zone is crocheting. I know in time my heart will be happy.. And I will all forgive them. Lighting a candle for my peace of mind. Crocheting to divert things and have a productive one.

P.S: Sorry for being sentimental. 
Thank you for reading.

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